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IC Substrate PCB

Shenzhen/Guangxi/Changsha +8613974853221 IC Substrate PCBs are the emerging link between the PCB and the semiconductor itself and miniaturisation is the key.   Working on feature sizes, which a few years ago were out of capability in PCB manufacture, it involves manufacturing PCBs in miniature on different materials, akin to where the semiconductor industry was 5 …

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Flexible PCBs & Rigid-flex PCB

Shenzhen/Guangxi/Changsha +8613974853221 What are Flexible Printed Circuit Boards?   Flexible PCBs, also known as Flexible Circuit boards, are a unique type of electrical circuit board that utilises its malleable structure. Due to this PCB’s ability to be moulded to any shape, they have grown increasingly popular as technology advances. These circuit boards are usually found …

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Shenzhen/Guangxi/Changsha +8613974853221 From 1+N+1 to X+N+X stack-ups, “all layer” technology and in a wide range of technological variants.   An HDI PCB is a PCB which has a far higher wiring density than a conventional through hole PCB.  Per IPC-6012 (1.4.1) this is defined as a design which has an average number of electrical connections/cm² …

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Mutilayers PCB

Shenzhen/Guangxi/Changsha +8613974853221 Multilayer PCBs, also known as multilayered or multi-layer PCBs, are a type of printed circuit board that have multiple layers of conductive material and insulating substrate material. They are designed for applications that require complex circuits with higher densities, compact designs, and increased functionality. Multilayer PCBs are used in many advanced electronic applications, …

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2 layers PCB

Shenzhen/Guangxi/Changsha +8613974853221 2 layers PCBs, also known as double-layer PCBs, are a type of printed circuit board that have conductive material on both sides of the insulating substrate material. This allows for more complex and compact designs compared to single-sided PCBs, as components can be placed on both sides of the board. 2 layers PCBs …

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Single Side PCB

Shenzhen/Guangxi/Changsha +8613974853221 Single-sided PCB What is single-side PCB? Single-sided PCBs, also known as single-layer PCBs, are the most basic type of printed circuit board. They consist of a single layer of conductive material (usually copper) on one side of an insulating substrate material, such as fiberglass epoxy. The other side of the board is typically …

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