CES 2024 closed: More than 4,300 exhibitors created the future of technology

After a week’s dizzying wonderful technology event, CES 2024 closed after setting the tone for the development of this year. This year’s CES has attracted more than 4,300 exhibitors to exhibit, including more than 1,400 startups from all over the world, and jointly explores the future innovation trend that will change and discuss how to solve the world’s most urgent challenges. AI leads CES 2024 Global Dialogue. Major companies have demonstrated the huge potential of AI to promote the progress of the world through advanced applications, and will change our way of communicating, operating and nursing.
CTA opened its 100th anniversary on CES 2024. For a century, the agency has taken innovation as its own responsibility. By supporting policies that are conducive to innovation, emerging trends of market research, recognized standards have been formulated, and innovative operators have been summoned to solve the most difficult challenges in the world.

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